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Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis
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Volume 10- Issue 3 - of the JBCA Fall 2019


The fall edition of the Journal includes an invited essay by Alain Enthoven (2019) of Stanford University, who helps us understand the beginning and growth of benefit-cost analysis (BCA) in the United States government.

Issue is now available.


The issue includes the following:

  • "Editor's Introduction: BCA takes hold in the U.S. Federal Government" by Thomas J. Kniesner

  • "How Systems Analysis, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, or Benefit-Cost Analysis First Became Influential in Federal Government Program Decision-Making" by Alain Enthoven

  • "Valuing Children's Fatality Risk Reductions" by Lisa A. Robinson, William J. Raich, James K. Hammitt, Lucy O'Keeffe

  • "The Value of the Risk to Life in the Context of Crime" by Emilio Picasso, Mariana Conte Grand

  • "Dynamic Benefit-Cost Analysis for Uncertain Futures" by Susan E. Dudley, Daniel R. Pérez, Brian F. Mannix, Christopher Carrigan (free to view)

  • "Muddling-Through and Deep Learning for Managing Large-Scale Uncertain Risks" by Tony Cox (free to view)

  • From Football to Oil Rigs: Risk Assessment for Combined Cyber and Physical Attacks" by Fred S. Roberts (free to view)

  • Nuclear War as a Global Catastrophic Risk" by James Scouras (free to view)

  • Responsible Precautions for Uncertain Environmental Risks" by W. Kip Viscusi, Joel Huber, Jason Bell (free to view)

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