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Research Opportunity

Resources for the Future (RFF) is soliciting research proposals that pursue creative new ideas for measuring actual, realized costs and benefits of federal  environmental regulations.
The present RFP seeks proposals in two areas:
  1. New in-depth studies on the actual performance of individual (or groups of) rules issued by the US EPA.  Preference will be given to those proposals using particularly innovative methods or data sources.
  2. New studies that examine the performance of different types of regulatory strategies; for example, a comparison of the performance of market-based vs traditional (command and control) regulation; a comparison of the performance of different types of market-based approaches (taxes vs emissions trading); or an evaluation of the performance of information-based (labeling) vs some type of mandatory regulation (e.g., traditional, command-and-control regulation or incentive-based approaches). These examples are meant to illustrate but not limit the types of regulatory strategies that could be examined.
Note that initial proposals must be received by June 15, 2020.
For further information please contact:
· Arthur Fraas (
· Richard Morgenstern (