2006 Benefit-Cost Analysis Conference: What Can We Do To Improve The Use Of Benefit-Cost Analysis?

The 2006 Benefit-Cost Analysis Conference was held Friday, May 18-19, 2006 in Seattle, Washington.

Conference Agenda

Thursday, May 18, 2006

  • Plenary Session and Opening Remarks
    • Sandra Archibald - Dean, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance , University of Washington
    • Arnold Harberger - Professor, Economics, University of California Los Angeles
  • Session 1: Benefit-Cost Analysis and the Law
    • Benefit-Cost Analysis, Self-Deception, and the Missing Sofa by William Rodgers
    • "Using the Non-Delegation Doctrine to Bring More Rigor to Benefit-Cost Analysis" by Victor Flatt
    • "Towards 'Best Practice' Standards for Benefit-Cost Analysis" by Daniel Cole
    • "General Equilibrium in Vertical Market Structures: Monopoly, Monopsony, Predatory Behavior and the Law" by Richard Just and Gordon Rausser
  • Session 2: Foundational Philosophical Issues in the Use of Benefit-Cost
    • The Precautionary Principle and the Great Theoretical Divide by Steve Gardiner
    • "The Rise of Cost-Benefit Rationality as Solution to a Political Problem of Distrust" by Ted Porter
    • "Senseless Kindness: The Politics of Cost Benefit Analysis" by Louis Wolcher
  • Session 3: The Economics of Benefit-Cost Analysis and Risk
    • The Role of Genetic Information in Air Quality Regulation - A Decision Analytic Framework by Alison Cullen and Elaine Faustman
    • "Are Decision Makers at Home on the Range? Communicating Uncertainties in Regulatory Impact Analyses" by Alan Krupnick
    • The Welfare Economics of Farm Policy by Andrew Schmitz
    • "What is Gained and Lost in a Multiple Objective, Multi-Party View of Benefit-Cost Analysis for Risk Management?" by Tim McDaniels
  • Session 4: More Economics of Benefit-Cost Analysis
    • Optimal Conservation: Estimating Marginal Costs and Benefits of Protecting Endangered Habitat in Finland by David Layton and Juha Siikamaki
    • What Do We Know about Regulatory Analysis and Regulatory Oversight? by Robert Hahn
    • Judging What is a Major Rule: Benefit-Cost Analysis and General Equilibrium Welfare Measures by Kerry Smith
    • "Introducing the Shadow Pricing of Non-Tradeables Outlays" by Arnold Harberger
  • Conversation: Future Benefit-Cost Analysis Conferences - Should there be a Society for BCA?
    • Scott Farrow - Professor, Department of Economics, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Friday, May 19, 2006

  • Session 5: The Real World
    • "The Chicago O'Hare Expansion: A Case Study of Administrative Manipulation of Benefit-Cost Principles" by Robert Haveman
    • "Welcome to the Data-Poor Real World: Incorporating Benefit-Cost Principles into Environmental Policymaking" by Mark Plummer
    • "Valuing Complex Goods: An Experiment Evaluating the Impact of Information in Shaping the Form and Substance of WTP" by Tim Swanson, Ben Groom, and Andreas Kontoleon
    • "The Marginal Willingness to Pay for Longevity: A Better Way to Value Changes in Mortality Hazard" by Neil Bruce and Robert Halvorsen
  • Session 6: Benefit-Cost Standards and Policy
    • "Cost-Benefit Analysis of Addictive Goods: Using Contingent Valuation To Estimate Willingness to Pay to Eliminate Addiction" by Aidan Vining, David Weimer, and Randall Thomas
    • "Economic Performance and Benefit-Cost Analysis: Guidance, Gaps, and Opportunities" by Scott Farrow
    • "International Life-Saving Initiatives, Income Differences, and the Value of Statistical Lives" by Larry Goulder
  • Session 7: Applications and Conclusion
    • "Benefits, Costs, Gains, and Losses: Choosing and Using the Appropriate Measures" by Jack Knetsch
    • "An Aggregate Measure for Benefit-Cost Analysis" by Richard Zerbe and Yoram Bauman