Call for Recommendations: Cost-Benefit Practitioners with Expertise in Haiti/Development

Call for Recommendations: Cost-Benefit Practitioners with Expertise in Haiti/Development

Copenhagen Consensus Center is currently seeking researchers or teams of researchers to conduct cost-benefit analyses across various sectors for the Haiti Priorise project.

Launched in 2016, the Haiti Priorise project seeks to identify and prioritize the most effective solutions to the acute social and economic challenges that Haiti faces, essentially targeting solutions that will provide the most social, economic and environmental benefits for each gourde spent. After a rigorous vetting process, the best interventions from 700+ proposed at sector expert roundtables were narrowed down to the 70 most promising ones, across the fields of poverty, education, health, governance, agriculture, industrial policy and more. Our aim is to conduct cost-benefit analyses on these 70 interventions in the Haitian context.

If you have recommendations of individuals who would be well suited to this task or are interested in participating yourself, please send an email to Brad Wong at

We are very excited about the potential to make a lasting positive contribution to Haiti with this project, which has already attracted significant interest from development partners and the Haitian government.

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