2014 Conference Agenda

Please find below the full agenda from the 2014 Annual Conference and Meeting, Benefit-Cost Analysis for Evidence-Based Decision Making, including links to selected presentations. If you are a presenter and would like to have your presentation posted here as a PDF, please email sbcainfo@uw.edu. View all conference photos online here.

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Download slides from the keynote luncheon featuring Richard Zeckhauser, Harvard University:
New Challenges to Benefit-Cost Analysis (1.4 MB PDF)

Slides from the 2014 SBCA Membership Meeting are available here

A.1: Management of Coastal and Inland Waters

Chair: Glenn Jenkins (jenkins@cri-world.com), Queen's University Presentations:

  • Updating Benefit-Cost Analysis for Improved Floodplain and Coastal Investments Maya Kocian (mkocian@eartheconomics.org), David Batker, Zac Christin, Rowan Schmidt, Earth Economics
  • Economic Analysis of Implementing Water Quality Standards in Lake of Chile (1.3 MB PDF) Francisco Donoso (fdonosog@mma.gob.cl), Jorge Gomez, Sebastian Elgueta, Cristobal De La Maza, Jorge León, Chilean Ministry of the Environment
  • Using a Relative Health Indicator (RHI) Metric to Estimate Health Risk Reductions in Drinking Water Katherine Alfredo
  • (ka2491@columbia.edu), American Water Works Association & Columbia University, Chad Seidel, Jacobs Engineering Group, Amlan Ghosh, Jacobs Engineering Group, Alan Roberson, American Water Works Association

Discussant: Patrick Walsh (Walsh.Patrick@epa.gov), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

B.1: New Data and Models to Inform Tobacco Regulation

Chair: Tricia Hall (Patricia.Hall@fda.hhs.gov), U.S. Food and Drug Administration Presentations:

  • Introduction to the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study Nick Pharris-Ciurej (Nikolas.Pharris-Ciurej@fda.hhs.gov), U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • A System Framework for Modeling the Effects of Public Policies on Tobacco Product Demand Chen Zhen (czhen@rti.org), Yuqing Zheng, RTI International
  • Estimating the Costs of Tobacco-Attributable Premature Deaths Nancy Brodsky (nsbrods@sandia.gov), Vanessa Vargas, Bern Dealy, Steve Verzi, Tom Moore, Theresa Brown, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Modeling the Benefits of a Nicotine Standard for Tobacco Products Sold in Canada Brian Morrison (bgm@indecon.com), Industrial Economics, Incorporated

C.1: Regulation and Jobs, Part 1—The Evidence and the Issues

Roundtable Moderator: Cary Coglianese (cary_coglianese@law.upenn.edu), University of Pennsylvania Roundtable Participants:

  • Christopher Carrigan (ccarrigan@gwu.edu), George Washington University
  • Brian Mannix (BMannix@gwu.edu), George Washington University
  • Stuart Shapiro (stuartsh@rutgers.edu), Rutgers University
  • Ann Ferris (Ferris.Ann@epa.gov), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

D.1: Financial Policies

Chair: Jeffrey R. Lewis (r.jeffrey.lewis@exxonmobil.com), ExxonMobil Presentations:

  • Economic Effects of SOX Section 404 Compliance: A Corporate Insider Perspective Scott Bauguess (bauguesss@sec.gov), Gennaro Bernile, Cindy Alexander, Alex Lee, Jennifer Marietta-Westberg, Singapore Management University
  • Examining Success (1.1 MB PDF) Jonathan Lipson (jlipson@temple.edu), Christopher Marrotta, Temple University
  • Estimating the Costs of Consumer and Financial Fraud (2.1 MB PDF) Mark Cohen (mark.cohen@owen.vanderbilt.edu), Vanderbilt University

Discussant: William Hoyt (whoyt@uky.edu), University of Kentucky

A.2: Methodological Issues and Challenges for Environmental BCA

Chair: Richard Zerbe (zerbe@uw.edu), University of Washington Presentations:

  • Benefit-Cost Analysis of California's Hexavalent Chromium Drinking Water Standard Richard Belzer (rbbelzer@post.harvard.edu), Independent Consultant
  • Benefit Cost Analysis of Coal Mine Projects in New South Wales, Australia (1.4 MB PDF) Jeff Bennett (jeff.bennett@anu.edu.au), Australian National University, Rob Gillespie, Gillespie Economics
  • Are Federally Mandated Information Disclosures Effective? Arthur Fraas (fraas@rff.org), Randall Lutter, Resources for the Future

Discussant: Fran Sussman (fsussman@rcn.com), ICF Incorporated

B.2: Opportunities and Challenges in the Use of Social Impact Bonds

Chair: Lynn Karoly (karoly@rand.org), RAND Corporation Presentations:

  • Social Impact Bonds: Evidence from a Workforce Program Pilot in Minnesota Raymond Robertson (robertson@macalester.edu), MacAlester College
  • Timing of Benefits from Preschool Education Judy Temple (jtemple@umn.edu), University of Minnesota
  • How Social Impact Bonds and Pay for Success Financing Change the Landscape of Benefit Cost Analysis Timothy Rudd (Timothy.Rudd@mdrc.org), Elisa Nicoletti, Kristin Misner, Janae Bonsu, MDRC

Discussant: Diane Lim (dlim@pewtrusts.org), Pew Charitable Trusts

C.2: Regulation and Jobs, Part 2—Treatment in Regulatory Impact Analysis

Chair: Heidi King (heidi.king@ge.com), GE Capital Presentations:

D.2: Transportation Policy

Chair: Roberto Ayala (roberto.ayala@dot.gov), U.S. Department of Transportation Presentations:

A.3: Alternative Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency

Chair: Scott Bloomberg (scott.bloomberg@nera.com), NERA Economic Consulting Presentations:

B.3: Health around the Globe

Chair: Amber Jessup (amber.jessup@hhs.gov), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Presentations:

  • Economic Analysis of the Threat Posed by the Asian Tiger Mosquito (888 KB PDF) Jeff Bennett (jeff.bennett@anu.edu.au), Australian National University, Paul Mwebaze, CSIRO, Nigel Beebe, University of Queensland, Greg Devine, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Paul De Barro, CSIRO
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Preventive Health Care Programs in Developing Countries Collins Ayoo (collins.ayoo@carleton.ca), Carleton University
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of control options for a hypothetical Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Outbreak in Victoria, Australia Paul Mwebaze (paul.mwebaze@csiro.au), Dylan Thomas, Laura Macfarlane-Berry, CSIRO

Discussant: Don Kenkel (dsk10@cornell.edu), Cornell University

C.3: Distribution and Other Considerations

Chair: Jack Wells (Jack.Wells@dot.gov), U.S. Department of Transportation Presentations:

  • Multiple Account Benefit Cost Analysis (278 KB PDF) Marvin Shaffer (marvshaffer@gmail.com), Simon Fraser University
  • Measuring the Impact of Regulations on the Survival of Small Business: A Probabilistic Approach Aylin Sertkaya (aylin.sertkaya@erg.com), Eastern Research Group Incorporated, Clark Nardinelli U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Laron Kirby, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Calvin Franz, Eastern Research Group Incorporated, Tess Forsell, Eastern Research Group, Incorporated
  • The Role of Distribution in Regulatory Analysis and Decisionmaking (105 KB PDF) Lisa A. Robinson (lisa_robinson@hks.harvard.edu), James K. Hammitt, Richard Zeckhauser, Harvard University

Discussant: David Weimer (weimer@lafollette.wisc.edu), University of Wisconsin Madison

D.3: Emerging Issues in Benefits Assessment

Chair: Susan Dudley (SDudley@gwu.edu), George Washington University Presentations:

  • Behavioral Market Failures Arden Rowell (karowell@illinois.edu), University of Illinois
  • Ethical Rights in Policy Assessment: Characterization and (Reflective) Evidence Tim Brennan (brennan@umbc.edu), University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Determining the Proper Scope of Climate Change Benefits Ted Gayer (tgayer@brookings.edu), Brookings Institution, W. Kip Viscusi, Vanderbilt University
  • Examining the Benefits of Energy Efficiency Standards Sofie Miller (sofiemiller@gwu.edu), Susan Dudley, George Washington University

A.4: Energy Policy

Chair: Arthur Rypinski (Arthur.Rypinski@dot.gov), U.S. Department of Transportation Presentations:

  • The Sale of a Birthright: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Peru's LNG Export Leonard Leung (leoleung2@hotmail.com), Glenn P. Jenkins, Queen's University
  • Independent Power Producers in Developing Countries: Risk Management and the Stated Capital Cost Bahman Kashi (bahman.kashi@cri-world.com), Glenn P. Jenkins, Queen's University
  • Net Benefit of Exporting LNG from the United States (1.1 MB PDF) Sugandha Tuladhar (Sugandha.Tuladhar@nera.com), Reshma Patel, NERA Economic Consulting

Discussant: John Caldwell (jcaldwell@eei.org), EEI

B.4: Analysis of the Justice System

Chair: Pamela Lachman (plachman@pewtrusts.org), Pew Charitable Trusts Presentations:

  • The Vanishing "Benefits" of Incarceration: Accounting for Diminishing Returns Oliver Roeder (oliver.roeder@nyu.edu), New York University
  • Advancing the Quality of Cost-Benefit Analysis for Justice Programs; Using Cost-Benefit Analysis for Justice Policy-Making Carl Matthies (cmatthies@Vera.org), Christian Henrichson, Vera Institute of Justice
  • Is Contingent Valuation Appropriate for Valuing the Regulatory Protections of Quality of Legal Services? (2.9 MB PDF) Genevieve Knight (genevieve.knight@flinders.edu.au), Flinders University

Discussant: Arden Rowell (karowell@illinois.edu), University of Illinois

C.4: Health and Safety Risk Valuation

Chair: Glenn Blomquist (gcblom@email.uky.edu), University of Kentucky Presentations:

  • Challenges to the Use of Monetized QALYs in BCA Scott Grosse (sgrosse@cdc.gov), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • The Value of a Statistical Life for Transportation Regulation, W. Kip Viscusi (kip.viscusi@vanderbilt.edu), Elissa Philip, Vanderbilt University
  • Lifesaving Regulations and their Cost-Effectiveness Gabriel Piña, Yu Zhang, Kerry Krutilla (krutilla@indiana.edu), David Good, John Graham, Indiana University
  • Dread And Latency Impacts On A VSL For Cancer Risk Reductions (1.4 MB PDF) Susan Chilton (susan.chilton@ncl.ac.uk), Newcastle University, R.L. McDonald, University of Warwick, W.M. Jones-Lee, Newcastle University, H.R.T. Metcalf, Newcastle University

D.4: Homeland Security Policy

Chair: Rosemarie Odom (rosemarie.a.odom@uscg.mil), U.S. Coast Guard Presentations:

A.5: Efficiency Implications of Environmental Policy Design

Chair: Anne Smith (anne.smith@nera.com), NERA Economic Consulting Presentations:

B.5: Improving Metrics for Benefit and Cost Assessment

Chair: Arnold Harberger (harberger@econ.ucla.edu), UCLA Presentations:

C.5: BCA Early in Policy Decisions

Chair: Warner North (northworks@mindspring.com), Northworks, Incorporated Presentations:

Discussant: Tony Homan (anthony.homan@dot.gov), U.S. Department of Transportation

D.5: Standards for BCA of Preventative Interventions for Children, Youth, and Families

Roundtable Moderator: Kimber Bogard (KBogard@nas.edu), Institute of Medicine – National Research Council Roundtable Participants:

  • Lynn A. Karoly (karoly@rand.org), RAND Corporation
  • Dan T. Rosenbaum (drosenbaum@omb.eop.gov), U.S. Office of Management and Budget
  • Roundtable presentation (3.8 MB PDF)

A.6: Location-Based Analysis

Chair: Mark Cohen (mark.cohen@owen.vanderbilt.edu), Vanderbilt University Presentations:

  • A Dynamic Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of a Smart Growth/Sprawl Reduction Program in 1988, 2008 and 2013 Ken Acks (kenacks@costbenefitgroup.com), The Cost-Benefit Group, LLC
  • Using Hedonic and Quasi-Experimental Methods in (Dis)Amenity Valuation with Housing Data: The Case of Communication Antennas Stephen L. Locke (slocke@ioes.ucla.edu), University of California Los Angeles, Glenn Blomquist, University of Kentucky
  • To Sell Or Not To Sell: The Impacts of Pollution on Home Transactions (1.3 MB PDF) Dennis Guignet (guignet.dennis@epa.gov), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Sea Level Rise, Adaptation, and Property Prices (1.7 MB PDF) Patrick Walsh (walsh.patrick@epa.gov), Charles Griffiths, Dennis Guignet, Heather Klemick, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

B.6: Safe and Nutritious Food

Chair: Kevin Neyland, Clifden Consulting Presentations:

  • The Individual and Annual Health Costs of Foodborne Illness in the United States Clark Nardinelli (Clark.Nardinelli@fda.hhs.gov), Bradley Brown, Karl Klontz, Angela Lasher, Travis Minor, David Zorn, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • The Irradiation of Imported Fresh Produce at the Destination Country (1.4 MB PDF) Emilia Bustos-Griffin (emiliagriffin@yahoo.com), Independent consultant, Robert L.Griffin, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Building the Basis for Cost Benefit Analysis of Global Health Outcomes Sandra Hoffmann (shoffmann@ers.usda.gov), U.S. Department of Agriculture, Tine Hald, Danish Technical University
  • The Value of a National Reduction in Dietary Sodium from Commercially Processed, Packaged, and Prepared Foods Amber Jessup (amber.jessup@hhs.gov), Daniel Wilmoth, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

C.6: Health and Social Welfare

Chair: Judy Temple (jtemple@umn.edu), University of Minnesota Presentations:

Discussant: Scott Farrow (farrow@umbc.edu), University of Maryland Baltimore County

D.6: What Should Be Done With BCA in Cases Where WTA and WTP Valuations Differ?

Roundtable Moderator: Jack Knetsch (knetsch@sfu.ca), Simon Fraser University Roundtable Participants:

  • W. Kip Viscusi (kip.viscusi@vanderbilt.edu), Vanderbilt University
  • Richard Zerbe (zerbe@uw.edu), University of Washington
  • James K. Hammitt (jkh@harvard.edu), Harvard University

A.7: Incorporating Judgment into Environmental Policy Analysis

Chair: Ali Gungor (Ali.Gungor@uscg.mil), U.S. Coast Guard Presentations:

  • Estimating Ballast Water Treatment Systems Jose Davalos (Jose.A.Davalos@uscg.mil), Johanna Fulghum, U.S. Coast Guard Meta-Analysis of Expert Elicitations of Future Technology Outcomes Gregory Nemet (nemet@wisc.edu), Laura Diaz-Anadon, Elena Verdolin, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Using Benefit-Cost Analysis to Guide Climate Change Adaptation Priorities in the Agriculture Sector of Developing Countries (2.9 MB PDF) James Neumann (jneumann@indecon.com), Industrial Economics, Incorporated, William Sutton, World Bank, Jitendra Srivastava, World Bank, Kenneth Strzepek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brent Boehlert, Industrial Economics, Incorporated
  • Characterizing the Long-Term PM2.5 Concentration Response Function: Applying Alternative Research Synthesis Techniques to a Regulatory Analysis Elisabeth Gilmore (gilmore@umd.edu), University of Maryland, Neal Fann, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Katherine Walker, Health Effects Institute

B.7: Teaching Benefit-Cost Analysis

Roundtable Moderator: Don Kenkel (dsk10@cornell.edu), Cornell University Roundtable Participants:

  • Glenn Blomquist (gcblom@email.uky.edu), University of Kentucky
  • Kerry Krutilla (krutilla@indiana.edu), Indiana University
  • David Weimer (weimer@lafollette.wisc.edu), University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Roundtable presentation (79 KB PDF)

C.7: Approaches to Improving Retrospective Benefit-Cost Analysis of Regulations

Chair: Jennifer Baxter (jbaxter@indecon.com), Industrial Economics, Incorporated Presentations:

Discussant: Marcus Peacock, George Washington University

D.7: International Economics

Chair: Richard Belzer (rbbelzer@post.harvard.edu), Independent Consultant Presentations:

  • Short Term Ex Post Evaluation in the National Investment System in Chile: Methodological Advances and Use of TICs Silvia Montevilla Dávalos (smontevilla@desarrollosocial.cl), Fernanda Maturana, Lourdes Velez, Orietta Valdes, Chilean Ministry of Social Development
  • Introduction of Income Tax in Armenia (1.3 MB PDF) Mane Beglaryan (mbeglaryan@aua.am), American University of Armenia, Davit Harutyunyan, Grant Thornton Armenia
  • Quantifying the Economic Benefits of Reduced Wait Time of Passenger Vehicles at U.S. Land Border Crossings (2.1 MB PDF) Bryan Roberts (BRoberts@econometricainc.com), Econometrica Incorporated and George Washington University, Adam Rose, University of Southern California, Dan Wei, University of Southern California

Discussant: Joseph Cordes (cordes@gwu.edu), George Washington University