HKU-­USC-­IPPA Conference on Public Policy

When: June 10-11, 2016

Where: Hong Kong, China

The Conference addresses the many dimensions of policy complexity and its impact on public policy, reflecting the diverse efforts and experiences of different societies in coping with challenges brought about by globalization. Specifically, the Conference focuses on understanding policy complexity and its many manifestations, assessing critically the challenges posed to policy actors in the public, business and social sectors. It aims to investigate how policy actors in different societies have coped with complexity through institutional, instrumental, and managerial innovations, and to explore how the diverse experiences might coalesce to form the basis for new knowledge and insights for the study and practice of public policy. The Steering Committee is particularly interested to address these issues from the perspective of East­-West comparison.

This Conference is organized in a series of clusters or tracks. In each of the clusters there will be a series of panels and activities taking place throughout the conference. This organization will enable the participants to engage in more extended discussions of those topics. The panels in the clusters will be open for anyone to attend, whether they are giving a paper in that cluster or not.

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