Massimo Florio, University of Milan

Massimo Florio is Professor of Public Economics at the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods, Università degli Studi di Milano, formerly Department Chair, and President, University Evaluation Board.  He has been awarded by the European Commission a Jean Monnet Chair of Economics of European Integration, subsequently the Jean Monnet Chair “Ad Personam” of EU Industrial Policy, and currently the scientific coordination of a Jean Monnet network of six European universities ( 

After graduating from the University of Rome, and obtaining a Master in Applied Economics at ISTAO, and holding teaching positions in different Universities in Italy, Florio spent three years as a Visiting Scholar at the London School of Economics. He has also been an academic visitor in other British Universities, and in international institutions. 

His main research interests are in applied welfare economics, cost-benefit analysis, industrial and regional policies, infrastructure and growth, regulation, privatization, public enterprises, socio-economic impact of science. Recent publications include:  Applied Welfare Economics. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Projects and Policies (Routledge 2014); Network Industries and Social Welfare. The Experiment that Reshuffled European Utilities (Oxford University Press 2013), and two edited books:  Infrastructure Finance in Europe. Insights into the History of Water, Transport and Telecommunications (Oxford University Press 2016) and The Economics of Infrastructure Provisioning. The Changing Role of the State, (the MIT Press 2015).  

Florio is President of the CIRIEC International Scientific Commission Public Services/Public Enterprises and  has lead evaluation research and advisory work for the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Investment Bank, the OECD, the World Bank and other institutions including CERN for a recent cost-benefit analysis of future large scale particle accelerators.