SBCA sessions at upcoming conferences

November 4, 2016

SBCA is an organizational affiliate of the Southern Economics Association (SEA), Society for Risk Analysis (SRA), and the Western Economics Association International (WEAI). We will have the following co-sponsored sessions at the SEA, SRA and WEAI meetings in the next few months, and encourage you to attend if you will be at those meetings:

Southern Economic Association Conference (November 19-21, Washington, DC):

At SEA’s annual conference and meetings in November, SBCA has organized a panel on “Policy Analysis for Uncertain Events.” Plan to join your fellow SBCA members for the discussion on Monday, November 21, at 8:00 AM. We’ll provide the donuts! Panelists include Tim Brennan, Joe Cordes, Susan Dudley, Ali Gungor, Jim Scouras and Jonathan Weiner. More information

Society for Risk Analysis Meeting (December 11-15, San Diego, CA):

SBCA and the Economics and Benefits Analysis Specialty Group of the SRA are co-sponsoring six panels at the upcoming Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting, including two symposia on environmental issues and benefit-cost analysis; a symposium on burdens from risk; a roundtable on post-election prospects and challenges for risk policy; and a session on revolutions in benefits analysis. Please find the full list of sessions here and join us in December! More information

Western Economic Association International Conference (January 3-6, 2017, Santiago, Chile):

At WEAI’s conference in January, SBCA member Kerry Krutilla has organized a panel on “Benefit-Cost Analysis of Environmental Programs and Policies” on Tuesday, January 3, at 4:45 PM, and a panel on "Economic Evaluation of Air Pollution Control" on Wednesday, January 4, at 12:45 PM. Plan to join your fellow SBCA members for the discussions if you will be in Santiago! More information