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Career Listings

Job Title: Executive Director for Aviation Policy and Plans

Federal Aviation Administration

Open & closing dates: 06/27/2019 to 07/26/2019

Pay scale & grade: EV 02

Salary: $129,700 to $182,500 per year

Duties and Responsibilities: The Office of Aviation Policy & Plans (APO) provides critical support to the Administrator & FAA orgs in the following major programs: Forecasting, Performance, Economic, Systems, Policy Analysis, & Strategic Planning; maintains liaison with the Department of Transportation, other agencies & industry stakeholders; provides for aviation public & Government participation in formulation of aviation policies, plans, goals & priorities through stakeholder outreach activities.

Technical Requirements:

1. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENT: Demonstrated experience leading economic analysis using a broad range of economic instruments and concepts to develop aviation policy.

2. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENT: Demonstrated experience in leading strategic and business planning, including metric development and performance management.

For more information and to apply, visit here.

Job Title: Cost Analyst in support of the U.S. Army

Location: Fort Belvoir, VA

Essential Job Functions

The Cost Analyst will develop cost estimating models, life cycle cost analysis, cost/benefit analysis, cost estimating drills, cost control, and analysis, and other cost documents as required.  Must have the ability to apply cost expertise in the areas: requirements generation process; planning, programming, budgeting, and execution process; acquisition policy documents; and current issues in systems acquisition management. The Analyst will develop life cycle cost estimates by developing an Automatic Cost Estimating Integrated Tool (ACE-IT) model in accordance with current Army policy and Deputy Assistance Secretary of the Army for Cost and Economics (DASA-CE) guidance.  In support of cost estimates and analysis, the Analyst shall have the ability to:  documenting the facts and assumptions that are used in the cost analysis; and perform cost/benefits analyses and sensitivity analyses.  The Analyst must be able to develop rough-orders-of-magnitude to respond to various cost requirements/questions and defend the derived cost position to senior Government leadership.


Tasks/documents/products that will be required, but not limited to:

·      Cost Support to Capability Production Document;

·      Cost Support to Capability Development Document;

·      Life Cycle Cost Modeling Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tool (ACEIT) model;

·      Economic Analysis;

·      Program Office Estimate (POE);

·      Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD):

·      Affordability Assessment:

·      Cost Estimates;

·      Analyses to support Business Case Analysis (BCA), Course of Actions (COAs), Long-range Investment Requirements Analysis, and Acquisition Strategies;

·      Data Calls/Funding Projections; and

·      Cost data for the following activities:

o  Universal Army Data Display and Entry Dashboard

o  Market Research, procurement strategy and source selection concept

o  Acquisition Strategy

o  SMART Charts

o  Acquisition Program Baseline

o  Cost data for Procurement and Research (P&R) Forms

o  Execution Program Baseline (EPB)

o  Quarterly Program Review (QPRs)

o  Program System Review (PSR)

o  Joint Capabilities Board (JCB)

o  Functional Capabilities Board (FCB)

o  IT 300 Exhibit Submissions

o  Program Objective Memorandum (POM) Submissions

o  Weapon System Reviews

o  Test and Evaluation Exhibits (T&E Exhibits)

o  Clinger-Cohen Act Compliance


·      Must have at least 7 years of relevant cost experience

·      Must have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in math, engineering, or business discipline

·      Must have a industry certification in cost for an example, International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA) or equivalent experience in training to qualify for DAWIA Level III certification in Business-Cost Estimating

·      Active secret clearance

To apply for this postion, please send your Resume/CV to Alex Lesperance at


Job Title: Cost Analyst in support of DISA

Location: Fort Meade: MD

Essential Job Functions

Possess senior-level Cost Analyst experience, as defined by the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) – Business, Cost Estimating Level III criteria, private industry equivalent or Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (CCEA).  Cost Analyst will be able to develop, implement, and/or advise DISA Programs on DoD Acquisition policy and procedures for conducting Life Cycle Cost Estimates; Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE), Component Cost Estimate (CCE). The candidate will serve as a working member within the division, and be familiar with IT and AIS programs. They must be highly proficient using MS Office applications, especially Excel. Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools (ACEIT) and @Risk are a plus as well as additional parametric tools.

Possess an in-depth experience developing DoD Life Cycle Cost Estimates (LCCE) and Return on Investments (ROI), using a variety of cost estimating methodologies and data analysis techniques, to support a Business Case Analysis (BCA) of potential future business systems, cyber security enhancements, network infrastructure updates, and cloud computing. Work with Subject Matter Experts (SME) throughout DISA to determine current operating costs, future costs to implement and sustain the solution, and identify all associated benefits and risks. 

Possess experience developing Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), Cost Estimating Structure (CES) cost data research and archiving, estimate documentation, risk and schedule analysis and briefing support. And possess experience developing Automated Cost Models, Cost Database, Cost Factors, and/or Cost Estimating Relationships is required.


·      Experience developing Automated Cost Models, Cost Database, Cost Factors, and/or Cost Estimating Relationships, is required

·      Life Cycle Cost Estimates

·      Independent Government Cost Estimates

·      Business Case Analysis


·      Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience and must possess the ability to interpret customer requirements and translate them into project strategies, tasks, and deliverables.

·      Bachelor’s degree required - preferred in the fields of Business, Finance, Mathematics, or Operations Research.

·      Candidate must be highly proficient in Microsoft Office Suite. 

·      Active secret clearance


To apply for this postion, please send your Resume/CV to Alex Lesperance at