Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis

The Summer 2017 issue of the JBCA is now available. The issue includes the following:

  • "China’s Cap on Coal and the Efficiency of Local Interventions: A Benefit-Cost Analysis of Phasing out Coal in Power Plants and in Households in Beijing" by Yana Jin, Henrik Andersson, and Shiqiu Zhang
  • "Consumer’s Guide to Regulatory Impact Analysis: Ten Tips for Being an Informed Policymaker" by Susan Dudley, Richard Belzer, Glenn Blomquist, Timothy Brennan, Christopher Carrigan, Joseph Cordes, Louis A. Cox, Arthur Fraas, John Graham, George Gray, James Hammitt, Kerry Krutilla, Peter Linquiti, Randall Lutter, Brian Mannix, Stuart Shapiro, Anne Smith, W. Kip Viscusi, and Richard Zerbe (Open Access)
  • Symposium on “Valuing Mortality Risk Reductions in Low‐ and Middle‐Income Countries”
    • "Estimating the Values of Mortality Risk Reductions in Low- and Middle-Income Countries" by Lisa A. Robinson
    • "Extrapolating the Value per Statistical Life between Populations: Theoretical Implications" by James K. Hammitt
    • "Income Elasticity and the Global Value of a Statistical Life" by W. Kip Viscusi and Clayton Masterman (Open Access)
    • "Building a Set of Internationally Comparable VSL Studies: Estimates of Chinese Willingness to Pay to Reduce Mortality Risk" by Sandra Hoffmann, Alan Krupnick, and Ping Qin

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