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Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, Special Issue, JBCA, Lisa A. Robinson

The Spring 2019 Special Issue of the JBCA is now available. The issue includes the following:

  • "Conducting Benefit-Cost Analysis in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Introduction to the Special Issue" by Lisa A. Robinson, James K. Hammitt, Dean T. Jamison, Damian G. Walker (Free to view)

  • "Valuing Mortality Risk Reductions in Global Benefit-Cost Analysis" by Lisa A. Robinson, James K. Hammitt, Lucy O’Keeffe (Free to view)

  • "Valuing Changes in Time Use in Low- and Middle-Income Countries" by Dale Whittington, Joseph Cook (Free to view)

  • "Accounting for Timing when Assessing Health-Related Policies" by Karl Claxton, Miqdad Asaria, Collins Chansa, Julian Jamison, James Lomas, Jessica Ochalek, Mike Paulden (Free to view)

  • "Valuing Protection against Health-Related Financial Risks" by Jonathan Skinner, Kalipso Chalkidou, Dean T. Jamison (Free to view)

  • "Comparing the Application of CEA and BCA to Tuberculosis Control Interventions in South Africa" by Thomas Wilkinson, Fiammetta Bozzani, Anna Vassall, Michelle Remme, Edina Sinanovic (Free to view)

  • "Benefit-Cost Analysis of a Package of Early Childhood Interventions to Improve Nutrition in Haiti" by Brad Wong, Mark Radin (Free to view)

  • "Applying Benefit-Cost Analysis to Air Pollution Control in the Indian Power Sector" by Maureen L. Cropper, Sarath Guttikunda, Puja Jawahar, Zachary Lazri, Kabir Malik, Xiao-Peng Song, Xinlu Yao (Free to view)

  • "Standardized Sensitivity Analysis in BCA: An Education Case Study" by Elina Pradhan, Dean T. Jamison (Free to view)

Volume 10 - Issue 1 of the JBCA Spring 2019 Issue is now available. The issue includes the following:

  • "Most Consumers Don’t Buy Hybrids: Is Rational Choice a Sufficient Explanation?" by Denvil Duncan,Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, Spring Issue, JBCA Arthur Lin Ku, Alyssa Julian, Sanya Carley, Saba Siddiki, Nikolaos Zirogiannis, John D. Graham (Free to view)
  • "Retrospective Evaluation of the Costs of Complying with Light-Duty Vehicle Surface Coating Requirements" by Ann Wolverton, Ann E. Ferris, Nathalie B. Simon (Free to view)

  • "Benefit-Cost Analysis, Policy Impacts, and Congressional Hearings" by Deven Carlson, Joseph Ripberger, Wesley Wehde, Hank Jenkins-Smith, Carol Silva, Kuhika Gupta, Benjamin Jones, Robert Berrens

  • "Estimates of Law Enforcement Costs by Crime Type for Benefit-Cost Analyses" by Priscillia Evelyne Hunt, Jessica Saunders, Beau Kilmer

  • "Cost-Benefit Analysis Theory versus Practice at the World Bank 1960 to 2015" by William A. Ward

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